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Youth Ministries

In 1982, a group of teenagers got together along with our own Mother Lue B. Tuggle and Sister Princess Harris , to try and bring the Christian Tabernacle teenagers and children together, The name "Moving Forward Group " was chosen because our goal was to move forward for the Lord. With the approval of Pastor Woods, this group came together for many reasons: one which was to be able to talk about problems that teenagers have and try good for other devoted church workers.


Out of this group, other roles were assigned to our young people. This include:

The Christian Tabernacle Youth Voices & Sunbeam Choirs 
(under the direction of Min. Carson)

The Junior Usher Board
(under the direction of Sis. Bush & Sis. Winfied)

The Youth Nurses Board
(under the direction of Sis. Vessels & Sis. Jones)


The young people are also involved in other groups which did not stem from the Moving Forward Group such as: The Youth Fellowship (under the direction of Mother Street)

Altars Boys (under the direction of Minister Mobley)

The Agents & Cadets (under the direction of Minister Mason)

We plan for social events and try to keep all of our children and young adults busy in a clean, respectable and Christian Way. We thank God for Pastor Woods, the kind spiritual father who allows room for growth in our youth. Each year we try to show special recognition to people who have been faithful, devoted and helpful in whatever way they can to further the ongoing work our Pastor's ministry encompasses. This started in the year 1983. The first "This Is Your Life" was in recognition of the late Elder Glanton. This year distinction is in honor of four faithful members Marcus and Mario Jones & Jeannetta and Jene' Miller. We also give an Erica Award to dedicated young people in memory of a beautiful young person- Erica Payne, and the honorees are Dimitri Works and Na'Jae Oliver. Our motto is "GIVE FLOWERS SO YOU CAN ENJOY THE FRAGRANCE". Tonight you all are to "Smell Your Flowers". We love you. To other members of Christian Tabernacle Church, the Moving Forward Group is watching you. Will it be you next year?

The Christian Tabernacle Youth Fellowship


The mission of  the Christian Tabernacle Youth Fellowship is to help young people discover the meaning of their faith, to grow in a deeper and closer relationship with Jesus Christ, to develop a lifestyle of Godly habits, to grow together in enthusiasm for the faith, and to demonstrate Christlike character.


The Lord has led us to do this by Bible Study and group activities. We have in the past, adopted the Rainbow Beach Nursing Home where we shared God's goodness in testimony, in song and in service. We support the Pacific Garden Mission yearly by having coat drives or gifts of tooth brushes, toothpaste, and other notions with the support of our church family. Our annual Sunrise Prayer Service has been a spiritual blessing to all who have attended. The Lord blessed us to be able to attend a youth conference every December and we look forward to attending every year. It has now however, been discontinued.


Our meetings are the first Saturday of every month, except July and August.


Place: Fellowship Hall, unless informed otherwise.

Time: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

We provide the Bibles for our meetings.




Mother Sandra J. Street, Director

Sis. Deborah Winfield, Asst. to the Director

Sis. Sharon Buchanan, Staff

Sis. Angelense Jones, Staff

Evangelist Lorri Neely, Asst. to the Director

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